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For you fellow SWEEPAHOLIC’s …. Drum roll please!


The 5th Edition of The Sweepaholic ® Guidelist I, "Reference for Sweepstakes Judging Agencies" is now available.


If you’ve ever needed information about a sweeps judging agency, then this is the reference document you need in your sweeper library.


Need contact information? Need to know if a J/A is computerized? Need to know what types of entries have been selected in the past?


Every Sweeper's "toolbox" should contain a copy of The Sweepaholic ® GuideList. It will definitely improve your Sweeper IQ.


The revised document now contains information on over 450 sweepstakes administrators and judging agencies. Yes ... over 450 J/A's!


Click on the link for more info.






SWEEPSTAKES SUPPLIES AT MY EBAY STORE, computer generated #10 envelopes and
4x6 postcards. 

Right Now I have Halloween #10 envelopes and 4x6 postcards.
Christmas will be added soon. 

I will also have 3½ x5 cards and papers soon. 

Hand Painted #10 envelopes give you a unique entry, no two will ever be
alike.  Keep an eye on my store I will
continue adding sweepstakes related postcards and envelopes.  
Store Link: 


Email: yukonmom99@yahoo.com  for questions or special orders. ~ Joyce Gilliam

KL Envelope Supply

Fabric Envelopes and PostCards

Fabric Envelopes include a mailing lable and are only $1

Fabric PostCards are only .20 cents each

Shipping is additional.

Visit us today and choose the pattern you would like.
We ship within 2 days of your order.

Your One Stop Sweep Shop!
We have a large variety of #10 envelopes and large greeting card envelopes.
We accept credit cards and paypal.
Anita Moffatt
Hi, my name is Michele.

I am a stay at home mom with 4 boys.  I enjoy making Sweepstakes Contest

Envelopes and sell them on Ebay.

Come visit my store at www.ebay.com  Store name: My Arizona Valley Store.

I am constantly updating the envelope stock, so check back often.

Good luck Sweepers!


500 #10 Envelopes

Only $28.95

All different designs and colors. Everything but...........


At least 15 envelope designs included in package.

Great package to stock up you envelopes with.

Sorry.....no special requests taken for this package

Click here or copy and paste: http://sweepstakesupplies.com/entry/index.php/The-Kitchen-Sink.html

We accept Visa, MC , Discovercard or Paypal

Or make out a check to :

"Sweepstakes Supplies"
Mail to:
Sweepstakes Supplies
24830 Willowbrook
Novi, MI 48375

Cindy Kuptz



*** All 1st time customers receive 5 bonus fold-over envelopes with each 25 ordered ***


I take pride and put quality in each wallpaper envelope I make and I am sure you will not be disappointed with your purchase.


I PAY ALL SHIPPING COSTS.  First Class for 25 and Priority Mail on 50+


Business #10  & Large Greeting Card (8-5/8 X 5-5/8)

 Assorted Designs & Textures (all one size or combine)


     25 - $  9.00

     50 - $17.00     

   100 - $33.00                       



"Fold-Over" Wallpaper Envelopes (various GC sizes)

 (These are made of the same eye catching wp designs)

    25 - $  7.00

      50 - $13.00

    100 - $25.00 



Need a Gift for a fellow sweeper?  I can send envelopes or a Gift Certificate in the amount you choose.




Call if you have any questions or wish to expedite your order:  815-436-6895


I accept money orders or Paypal.  (Paypal address is: kingw195@comcast.net)


Email orders to:  wendysenvies@comcast.net


Mail orders & payment to:


Wendy L King (ss)

15321 S Heritage Drive

Plainfield  IL 60544-1442

This N' That Sweepstakes Stuff Newsletter

Join the fun with your subscription.  No sweeps, just some great times with our Birthday Exchange, Pen-Pals, E-pals, chit chat, and lots of win stories.  Like a huge nationwide sweepstakes club without leaving your home.  Published monthly.  Subscription rates:  3 months $7.50; 6 months $15.00 or 1 year $30.00.  Sample issue $2.50.

Send to:  This N' That (SA), c/o Carol McLaughlin, 528 Princess Ave., Croydon, PA 19021.  Please make all checks payable to "Carol McLaughlin".   Subscriptions may be ordered send via internet (to be in color) or by postal mail (black and white).  Be sure to indicate how you wish to have your issues delivered.  A test issue is sent before starting online subscriptions.

Jo's Hand Decorated Envelopes


25 ink designed w/embossing

# l0's... $13.25    GC... $16.00


25 ink design,sandpaper feel& webbing

#  10's...$10.00    GC... $14.50


Sample Packs between 15 to 18 envelopes



Prices include shipping and handling:

        Joanne Hotchkiss

13600 Crossburn Ave,. Cleveland Ohio 44135


Do you like to enter sweepstakes by mail, but find it hurts your fingers & hands ? I can help! I will do all your hand-printing, no limit on lines. Rush orders no problem. I pay return postage.

3x5, 3-1/2 x 5 cards & papers $10/100
#10 white envelopes with Sweep addresses $10/100.

Pay by Paypal, check or money order and most major gift cards or first class stamps.

100 #10 white envelopes with assorted DISNEY clipart, no hand-printing, $14.95/100

See samples on ebay. ID is ernie90

e-mail: repat133@aol.com



The Sweepstakes Tracker is a program that will help you organize and track your sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes Tracker was designed by sweepers for sweepers to help you organize and enter the way YOU sweep.

 Some features of the Sweepstakes Tracker:

  •  notifies you when an entry is due

  •  tracks your wins

  •  has a full feature calendar with

  •  reminders

  •  unlimited entrant and sweepstakes

  •  database

  •  user defined categories

  •  multiple browsers

  •  auto fill

  •  and many more

 You can download and try a fully functional version for a 30 day evaluation. Give it a try for 30 days, once you start to use it, you will wonder how you ever functioned without it.

 The Sweepstakes Tracker is available as a 6 month subscription for $40 or as a year subscription for $65. The subscription includes use of the software, technical support, member access to the website (which will include tips and tricks, blogs and forums) and all upgrade and version releases.

 Organize, Enter, Win!!!!

 Visit the website www.sweepstakestracker.com for more information.


Excellent handprinting.

Prompt turnaround.

Email me for a sample 3x5!

100 3x5 cards OR papers $10.00

200 3x5 cards OR papers $19.00

400 3x5 cards OR papers $35.00

600 3x5 cards OR papers $55.00

Prices include shipping!

I also offer attention getting decorated #10 envelopes. Handstamped utilizing an extensive collection of artistic rubber stamps. Many themes.

I accept PayPal, money orders and personal checks.

Shelly's Handprinting Service

P.O.Box 9403

Cincinnati,Ohio 45209

For complete details, prices and ordering information, PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE!


Fast and Professional - Handprinting services


$7.00 per 100 3X5 cards (blank white, lined white or lined color) or 3X5 papers (blank white only)
up to four lines (NAZ or NAZT)
$15 per 100 Advertising/Max Rack postcards for up to four lines (NAZ or NAZT)
$ 8 per 100 Advertising/Max Rack postcards (no handprinting on them)
All prices include shipping.   References and samples available upon request.
I accept checks, money orders and PayPal.
Jennifer Day
3324 Parker
Dearborn, Michigan 48124email: JennDay3@sbcglobal.net
website:  http://www.PrintMy3x5s.com - enter the Monthly Drawing!!


GUESS WHAT!!! We just opened a site with Several other envelope designs
You'll wanna see it here:

- Helping YOU to win & save lots

I am an ´ole´ timer on Winning, so I know these work on those Mail-in sweeps.
These offer an original "upper edge" on winning...

I have created these A-w-e-s-o-m-e envies that are true eye-catchers for any judging agencies.

These are white #9½ - #10 sized envelopes that have:
Homemade MULTI-COLORED Tin foil/paper mache' type of confetti along the back
edge of the envies & on the front as well. Really neat looking! Everybody who has seen
these in person have been very pleased

ALSO, the perfect addition for great eye-catchers & they have an awesome texture that is perfect for grabbing & holding onto

Unlike the most Wallpaper & other fancy envelopes, mine have lots of plain area´s available on
the envelope so you can EASILY write the "Mail To" address on it & it can be seen clearly.

NOTE: These are unique designs NOT done by anybody else.
The materials I use for these are very expensive & hard to find.
We are thrilled about these & hope you will be too.

Price (Shipping is FREE):

$24.00 - (You will receive 30 total)

...AND... to make it even more fun, I´ll be adding a FREE "Pick Me" or Winner" envie to every order as well

Paypal addy is: stockpilesrus@comcast.net

I will also accept trades:
(Let me know what you have first)
Gift Cards, Totally FREEbie coupons, Prize Wins, ETC...


Hi all! I just received a wonderful assortment of postcards. More than I'll be able to use in 50 years of sweeping = )

Seems like more and more sweeps are requiring postcards so I thought I would pass my beautiful postcards on to my fellow sweepers for a great deal! For $13.00 ( I'll pay Priority shipping ) I'll send you a beautiful assortment of 130 watercolor type painting postcards. If you order more than one package
Ill throw in some other sweeping goodies.

If your interested you can email me at:

I accept
U.S. Money Orders, personal checks ( funds must clear) or Paypal.

Checks can be directly mailed to :

CE Marshall
325 SW 141st Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Sweepstakes Supplies  Too busy to run around town looking for supplies? Save time & order at Sweepstakes Supplies!

Sweepstakes 123  is an easy to read "how to" on successfully entering sweepstakes.  This comical and inspirational booklet has 8 Chapters of tips, design ideas and information to make your hobby fun and financially rewarding.

Get FREE business cards for your business or personal use -- an $85 FREE gift. Top quality! Full color! Click here. - This site has postcards you can design.

Scrapbook Paper/Calendar Envelopes

Beautiful hand-crafted envelopes from your choice of either scrapbook
paper or calendar pages in #10 or greeting card size. You can mix and
match papers and sizes. 30 envelopes for $15 - includes shipping.
Please make check/money order payable to:

Gwen Keating
21860 West Outer Drive
Dearborn, MI 48124

Gwennysue@att.net - for free samples or questions

Metallic and embossed foil envelopes and Postcards

Map envelopes
Wallpaper envelopes
Animal Print envelopes
and more!

Enter my drawing for a free candle!

Sweet Clicks Envelopes
Eye-catching winning foil and embossed foil handmade envelopes
SweetClicks@aol.com for more information and pricing

_Sweet Clicks Metallic Envelopes and Postcards_

Handprinting services for 3x5 cards or papers
100 - $8.00 (up to 4 lines)
200 - $15.00
400 - $30.00
Price includes shipping. Block letters or upper and lower case lettering.
Choice of black or blue ink. Fast service. Non smoking home.
PayPal, money orders, checks (orders processed after checks clear)
For faster service please use PayPal or money order.
Rhonda Pruitt
814 Quapaw Drive
Redfield, AR 72132

Postcards, Stamps, and Return Address Labels at our Zazzle Stores!




Danielle Johnson-  Forever Johnson Hand Printing
Hand printing services for your cards, papers and envelopes!
All prices for 4 lines: NAZT
100 3x5 cards = $9
100 3x5 papers = $9
100 3.5x5 cards = $9
100 3.5x5 papers = $9
25  #10 envelopes with return address = $9
More options on my website.
I accept paypal payments including credit cards and money orders.
Please check out my website for more information:
Or you can email me at: fjhandprinting@gmail.com
Join my mailing list for sales and contest by emailing me with
"Subscribe" in the subject line.

ANN-tics by Carol

I offer decorated postcards and envelopes and other supplies for entering sweepstakes.  They are computer generated graphics along with a sweepstakes related, cute saying.  They cover all types of prize wins such as trips, shopping, cars, racing, cash to name a few.  Use my designs or let me know what you are looking for.  I will design them for your preference.  Over 300,000 graphics giving the ability to design just about anything you need.  You may remember my table as I was one of the vendors at the 16th National Sweepstakes Convention this year and was interviewed on the video.


Rates (postage included):

4 x 6 decorated postcards  25 for $9.50

#10 white decorated envelopes  50 for $9.50

Greeting Card Assortment Envelopes  25 for $9.50


Check my webpage for current rates, specials and other information.  I accept payment in check, money order and major credit cards.  (small charge for credit card orders)


Contact me at ann-tics@comcast.net with and questions or to place an order or mail to the address below.  For samples please send 2 First Class stamps along with your name and address.  I will provide envelope:

Carol McLaughlin (SA)

528 Princess Ave.

Croydon, PA  19021

Check my site for a slideshow of my products!!           https:/home.comcast.net/~ann-tics


R & C Handprinting Service

Neat, accurate, fast turn-around handprinting using either BLOCK or Upper/Lower case lettering and your choice of blue or black ink.

100 3X5 cards or papers including NAZT = $10.00

Price includes shipping priority mail via USPS. Please send a sample of how you want your 3X5s to appear via email or include with your check/money order.

Samples emailed on request.

References available on request.

Choose any mixture cards/papers.

siegelr@bellsouth.net for price quotes or more information.

Make checks payable to:

Robbie Siegel
7230 Sweetbriar Drive
Talbott, TN 37877

Checks or money orders only. Orders shipped when check clears.

I look forward to helping you get that "Big Win!"


Todd Fields(TX) Sweepstakes Supplies
Greeting Card Envelopes
Mixture of colors and sizes
100 for $10.00
250 for $21.00

Greeting Card Envelopes(Brights)
A6 (4.75" x 6.5") & A7( 5.25" x 7.25")
Mixture of colors & mixture of both sizes
100 for $11.00
250 for $ 22.00

#10 Bright Envelopes(5 Different Colors)
100 for $10.00
250 for $21.00
500 for $39.00

#10 Pastel Envelopes(5 Different Colors)
100 for $9.00
250 for $20.00
500 for $38.00

I will accept checks, paypal, money orders and will trade for gift cards.
Shipping is free when you spend $25.00 or more.

All items are from a smoke free home.
I will have new items periodically(stickers, 3 x 5's, 3 1/2 x 5's and etc), please email for a list of items and prices.

Look for us at the conventions!!!!!


Pam and Charlie from the conventions many years ago want to say hello:)

Check out our prices. We are a 'mom and pop' operation that has been in 
business since 1993.

We have won trips, cars, a truck, computers, home depot cards, gas cards, 
grocery cards, etc. We look forward to seeing you again at the Atlanta convention.

Check out our prices. We accept checks and money orders. Our prices 
include shipping and handling. These prices do not include shipping to
Alaska. Contact me for our best rates to you.

Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

We have listed a few specials for our friends at SWEEPING AMERICA, the best ever newsletter!!!!

If this is too much for you to order all at once, go in with a friend...these are awesome prices. Tell your sweepstakes clubs:)

500 90 lb kraft #10 envelopes. Choose 500 of one color or 250 of each. 
Colors: gray or white $35.00

500 black heavy #10 envelopes 500 for $55.00

SAMPLER PACK!!!! 200 #10 envelopes in assorted colors, 25 black heavy #10 envelopes (my favorites with a silver pen) 25 grey kraft #10 envelopes, 150 greeting card envelopes in assorted colors and 50 metallic/prismatic 
postcards (very popular) all for only $40.00 

BUT WAIT ...there's more.....lol

All orders placed before
December 1, 2012 that are over $100 will receive 100 FREE greeting card envelopes.

All orders placed before December 1, 2012 that are over $200, will receive 250 FREE greeting card envelopes and 125 FREE metallic/prismatic postcards.

Florida residents must add their appropriate sales tax.

Good Luck to you!!!!



What do stamp dealers do with excess older new stamps that are not in demand by collectors? We sell them at a discount from face value to folks who can use them on mail!


All are normal US mint stamps, with gum, 100% usable for postcards, letters, and parcels in the US. Typical range of values is 5-41 cents each, with most 6-20. The great majority are in blocks of at least 4, strips, and sheets.


I have been told by sweepstakers that it’s thought that letters with older, colorful stamps are more likely to be selected in contests than ones with plainer regular stamps.


I offer the following packages, all postpaid in the US:


$100 face for $80

$250 face for $195

$500 face for $385

$1000 face for $750


If you buy $500 face or more, on request I can guarantee that the entire lot will consist of “combos” of 2 stamps that add up to either 28 cents or 44 cents (your choice). For example, for postcards, a 13 and a 15 work nicely. For letters, pairs of 22s or 29/15 are typical. If you are shipping parcels, I can skew the face value higher, usually 25 cents and up.


Check or MO to my address below. Normally stamps go out the next business day after payment is received, unless I am out of town. I have dozens of repeat customers. Give it a try!


Edwin Schaeffer

PO Box 335

Flossmoor, IL 60422

708 715 4321